By now you will have been informed about the decision by the UK Chief Commissioner of Scouting Tim Kidd, to cease with immediate effect, any face-to-face meetings, events or activities.  Obviously that includes all of our weekly meetings at the 79th Scout Hall.  As you can appreciate, this is unprecedented; even World War II did not stop the 79th Reading Scouts meeting! The threat today is very different, however, and the health of our young people, their parents, grandparents and indeed all the adult volunteers must come first, so we will not be meeting for the foreseeable future.

Reluctantly this has forced the group into a couple of supplementary decisions, the first of which is the cancellation of the planned work day scheduled for Saturday 28th March.  We will no doubt organise another when the situation improves and we are allowed to meet again.  Also we are going to have to postpone our planned Group Fun Day that was going to be held on Saturday 25th April. We do so reluctantly as I know how hard several people have worked in organising the day, but the simple fact is the day's success relies upon the event generating the largest crowd possible, which currently would be irresponsible.  If you have minibus boxes or any other item for the Fun Day can I ask you to keep it safe for now as it will be needed when we rearrange it.

On a slightly more hopeful note, we know that some of your leaders are looking into whether anything can be arranged in terms of scouting done over the internet. We are sure you will hear from them soon with what they have discovered.

To all our fellow Scouts, we urge you to remember the Scout promise and Scout Law; we do not have to meet face to face to be good Scouts.

All of the leadership here at the 79th Reading Scout Group hope that you stay healthy and that we see you all after these troubles have past.